Versatile, Responsive & Focused

Time is money. PHD Engineering creates best-in-class solutions on time and within your budget.


Solving problems . . .
not making them.

Our deep knowledge of industry codes and standards lets us cut through the red tape and never over engineer your solutions.

You can do it all with PHD Engineering

  • Design

    Whether it is basic design using existing industry codes and standards or a complex custom project, we can handle it all.

  • Procurement

    We at PHD Engineering make sure that any piece of engineered equipment or technology will meet your specifications and your needs.

  • Analysis

    PHD Engineering has the capacity to perform analysis from the simple to the complex. We have all of the industry standard computational methods and simulators at our disposal. Analysis is only as good as the data that goes into it. We have the expertice to insure the highest quality of analytical solutions to your problems.

  • Consulting

    Sometimes you need that outside opinion to make sure a project is on track. PHD Engineering can help advise you to make the best decisions for your engineering and technological projects.